There is a tremendous amount of pride in being a boutique operation that provides customers with the personal care and attention to detail their projects deserve. By staying intimately involved in project development, we build relationships with clients that transform into friendships. The key difference in doing business with us is that we are constantly seeking to build small business relationships and client loyalty while maintaining big business professionalism.


Give us your idea, your grand vision, and then partner with our team of professionals as we transform your concept into a reality. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality, design and durability into the finished product. Advantage Construction knows that architecture and construction are more than just about the buildings. We take great care to meet all our clients’ needs and provide 100% satisfaction in everything we do.

Advantage self storage construction blueprints

…and ends in a grand result.

Our Relationship

Every project is different. Whether you design the building or work with our designers, we can work together to make your vision a reality. The following are three ways we can partner with you.


This is the typical process that we follow for every project, however, we can begin at any of the following phases:

Planning phase

Your idea is transformed into a well thought out design ready to be taken to city planners for approval.

Design Development

We work directly with architects and engineers to transform your concept into a well thought out plan. All kinks are worked out and budgets are updated. The plans are taken to municipalities for building permit approvals.

Bidding Phase

We keep this process completely transparent. You, the owner, may see everything from our costs to our profit margin.

Building/Construction Management

We place a superintendent on your construction site every day to manage day-to-day operations. Our office maintains a team dedicated to managing your project. Progress information such as job costs and construction status updates/reports with photos are made available daily through an online portal.


Watch the video to learn about our client, 2nd Family Dogs, who faced some unique challenges. We used our process and were able to help save money AND build a functional building for their specific needs.

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